The Gold Rush in 1850

Brought our Great-great-great-grandfather, Josiah Buckman Greene to the fertile Delta soil.


our roots

The Gold Rush brought our great- great-great-grandfather out here to the California Delta in 1850. Not being one to follow the herd into the hills, Josiah bought a parcel of land instead, sight unseen.  And while everyone else was off looking for gold, Josiah was busy growing it:  Sweet, flavorful pears made from some of the richest soil on earth. It was only a matter of time before Josiah’s gold would be known and loved the world over.

Since 1850, we’ve grown some of the world’s finest pears and apples. And now, six generations later, we’ve turned the best of the bunch into a California style cider Josiah would be proud to share. 100% fresh pressed fruit, aged on oak and unfiltered. Not too sweet and not too dry, just the perfect end to a hard day—or a hard 165 years—of work.